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Learn Google Ads In 24 Simple Steps.

  •   24 Easy-To-Follow Step-By-Step Master Classes.
  •   All The Training And Info You Need To Get Google Ads Certified.
  •   Dedicated Master Class - How To Pass The Google Ads Certification With Confidence.
  •   Master Classes Come In Google Doc, PDF, And  Video. 
  •   By Being Google Certified, you will earn Instant Trust.
  •   Never Worry About Finding New Clients Again.
  •   Clone My Success And Get Paid Monthly.
  •   Including "Pay Per Call" Master Classes.

Get Google Certified

This Will Be The Best Google Ads + Certification Training That Works

Why Google Ads?

  1. It is a service every business wants and needs.
  2. It's a simple sell because it gets real recurring results for both you and your customers.
  3. A High Profit Margin Leads to a High ROI.
  4. Google Ads are more efficient than SEO to get prospects.
  5. Business owners get results the moment they turn on the Google Ads campaign.

How Did I Start With Google Ads?

As a Digital Marketer, I have spent hours going through yellow pages and other business listing sites to find thousands of prospects, but 99% of them would not want to hear about what I had to offer. The 1% of prospects that I was able to get in touch with rarely panned out, and they never seemed to “get” why they needed my help and expertise. After in-depth analysis, it became obvious that I was making one critical mistake (and yes this is the same mistake that almost every Digital Marketer makes).

And Yes...

I finally figured out that it is much easier to sell to businesses that were already investing in advertising. As you can imagine, it was much easier to convince these business owners to spend money on Ads. At first, I did this manually, but it took too long. Because of this, I developed Lead Finder Jack. With this software, I saved countless hours of time by only selling to qualified prospects. This process landed me more than 76 satisfied clients that have been happy to pay me month after month for my services.


Dale Berger

I used to be happy getting my clients 15 calls per month using Google Adwords. After the Jack Hopman Google Adwords bootcamp, in the last three days alone I've gotten my first new GA client 8 calls.


Your $100,000+ A Year Plan

Get 4 new
Clients per month

  •  Recurring profit is $500 a month per client
  •   Month 1 = 4 clients = $ 2,000 a month
  •  Month 2 = 8 clients = $4,000 a month
  •   Month 3 = 12 clients = $6,000 a month
  •   Month 4 = 16 clients = $8,000 a month
  •  Month 5 = 20 clients = $10,000 a month

The steps to
financial success?

  1. You get the client's credit card number to use for Google Ad spend.
  2. You charge the client 15% of their total Ad Spend amount as your Ads Management fee (with a minimum of $500 dollars per month).
  3. Managing clients' campaigns that average $1000-$5000 Google Ad spend monthly will take you around one hour per month per client, once they are set up.
  4. With you averaging $500 a month per customer and having just 20 clients, you will make around $120,000 dollars per year.

Everything you get
with Google Ads Certification Academy

Even if you have no experience at all, and you can only copy and paste what we provide,
you will be on your way to success from day one.

The Step-by-Step Process

We have a step-by-step process that is divided into over a dozen training steps. This program will take you from knowing nothing about Google Ads to getting Google Ads Certified and knowing how to structure and price your services for an efficient business.

Everything you get with Google Ads Academy

With the program, you also have access to Bonuses worth $788 for free. These services include optimized website layouts, Google Ads Best City Finder, etc.

Master Classes

  • Training #1: Basics of Google Ads
  • Training #2: Create a Google Ads Manager Account
  • Training #3: Create a Search Campaign
  • Training #4: Create Call Only Campaign
  • Training #5: Google Ad Extensions
  • Training #6: Use Keyword Planner
  • Training #7: Set Your Keyword Match Types
  • Training #8: Add Negative Keywords To Campaigns
  • Training #9: About Ad Scheduling
  • Training #10: How To View The Search Terms Report
  • Training #11: Set Up A Shared Budget
  • Training #12: Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Training #13: Edit Your Campaign Settings
  • Training #14: Demographic Targeting
  • Training #15: Create Your First Display Remarketing Campaign
  • Training #16: Set Up Your Remarketing Lists For Search Ads Campaign
  • Training #17: Create A Responsive Search Ad
  • Training #18: How To Create A New Search Campaign With A Dynamic Ad Group In Your Search Campaign
  • Training #19: How To Create Your Dynamic Ads
  • Training #20: Use Segments In Your Tables
  • Training #21: Add Or Remove Columns In Your Statistics Table
  • Training #22: Download Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads And Extensions, Or Keywords Performance Report
  • Training #23: Manage Access To Your Google Ads Account
  • Training #24: Google Ads Certification

4 Awesome Free Bonuses -
Total Value $788

Free Bonus #1: How To Get The Clients Who Will Pay Monthly Cash For Your Google Ads Management Services - ($197 Value)

  •   In this easy-to-follow Master Class, I’ll lay out the exact step-by-step framework that I’ve been using to snag paying clients for years. This same training will show you exactly how to get clients paying you month in and month out.
  •  Every tip, trick, and secret is revealed and no stone is left unturned. I probably should be selling this as separate training, but I’ve decided to include it with your purchase today.

Free Bonus #2: Email Lead Gen Letter - ($197 Value)

  •  Want a quick way to reach out to local business owners?
  •  You will also receive professionally written done-for-you email scripts that you can edit however you want and use to contact local business owners.
  •  These scripts will help you introduce yourself and offer your Google Ads Management Service as a way to help prospective businesses attract more customers...

Free Bonus #3: Google Ads Client Getting Website - ($197 Value)

  •   This is a highly converting Website that you can use to help you market your Google Ads Agency.
  •  Getting clients has never been so easy! All you need to do is to send traffic to this website.

Free Bonus #4: Access to Google Ads Academy Private Facebook Group - ($197)

  •  Access to the 24/7 Guidance of the new Private Google Ads Academy Facebook Group, where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners. You can also get answers to your most challenging business questions and you will be able to exchange ideas with other members and receive tips and important notifications.

What is the cost?

$27 for the first-week deal, Then $99 / mo for 3 months.
In order to help you get clients, you also get free access to Sales Dynamite Jack for 3 months.  After 3 months it is $59 / mo for Sales Dynamite Jack (Optional ) You can cancel at any time.
Sales Dynamite Jack includes:
#1: Lead Finder Jack - Cloud version
#2: Lead Finder Jack - Windows version
#2: Local Theme Jack - Enterprise, access to 280+ local niches

PS: We cannot offer any guarantees or refunds. My own clients are very happy and pay me monthly for many years. Many like this training and I feel confident you will like it as well.
  •  I do not know of a single Google Ads course available at any price that offers this level of detailed step-by-step instructions. It also includes a ready-to-go copy and paste campaign. Also, no other program has been taught by someone who has generated over $10,000,000 in results for his clients.
  •  Other training programs cost around $797 and do not come with powerful Sales Dynamite Jack or similar software.
  •  In the offline world, people pay $30,000 to $40,000 for Google Ads Certification Training. 
  •  Given the sensitive nature of this program, this program will no doubt sell for at least $979 when released to the general public.
  •  But I want to make this training affordable, so you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity to have a Google Ads Agency.

Learn Google Ads With Confidence Today

The Holy Grail of Local

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